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Jul 29, 2018


Karl Rectanus is an educator, entrepreneur and adviser. As cofounder and CEO of Lea(R)n, an education innovation Benefit Corporation that empowers educators and their institutions to organize, streamline and analyze education technology through its research-backed LearnPlatform, Karl leads schools and districts, states and networks, and colleges and universities in their efforts to simplify edtech selection, procurement, implementation and measurement. Karl works with learning organizations and networks across the country to establish and elevate standards of practice that drive personalized learning at scale, student achievement and equity in access.

Originally an educator and administrator in the US and abroad, Karl has started and led multiple education innovation organizations, and currently advises districts, states and foundations. Karl has lived, worked and studied in over 12 countries, and was an NC Teaching Fellow and James M Johnston Scholar at UNC-Chapel Hill, and graduate courses at UCLA’s Anderson Business School and CalTech Executive Extension. Karl, his wife and three daughters now live in Raleigh, NC.

  • Became a CFO for schools
  • Fourth successful education company
  • How they evaluate the ed tech solutions.
  • Saving time, so we can focus on things that are most important.
  • 5000 ed tech tools.
  • 8 most important criteria for teachers.
  • Saves administrators
  • Grades based on teacher’s comfort and familiarity with technology.
  • Ed Tech is a broken economy
  • Results Matter
  • Store contracts in the platform.
  • Analyze usage.
  • only 9% of individual licenses are actually being used.
  • Lack of Transparency leads to pricing inconsistencies
  • Forming, storming, norming, and performing
  • Exploring, hacking, optimizing, performing
  • Self-assessment for determining where you are on the personalized learning at scale journey.
  • 80% of schools are in the hacking phase.
  • Really challenging to put together budget when you don’t know if tools are being used.
  • How to be a transformative principal?

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