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Apr 17, 2016

Jon Laffoon is the principal of Pea Ridge High School in Arkansas, where they are using a dynamic schedule called the flex mod schedule to allow time to serve students, rather than students serving time. It is pretty remarkable and impressive.

  • Save $10,000 on paper because of 1:1
  • Don’t hire substitutes
  • Expectation is that teachers post everything to Google Classroom when they are absent.
  • Subs are just babysitters
  • Time serving students rather than students serving time.
  • Redesign cafeteria to make it a modern space like a starbucks.
  • Supervision of students.
  • 3 Core Values: Leave no trace, be responsible, use time wisely
  • Teach them personal responsibility.
  • You have to take on a growth mindset to make changes.
  • Students skipping a class still happens, but it has not increased, though the way to work with kids has helped.
  • Phase Balance - can’t have every class meet 3 days (Phase 3) a week or every class meet 4 (Phase 4) days a week.
  • Schools can come learn from PRHS. Conference in the summer.
  • Office of Innovation for Education Summit
  • 1:1 school, is that a requirement? No.
  • No more textbooks.
  • Google Classroom
  • Schoology
  • How to be a transformative Principal: Be student centered. Constantly assessing how we are doing. Build a team around you. Take ownership and pride in everything you do. Become connected. Find balance. @laffoon_jon

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