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Transformative Principal is 

May 15, 2016

Livonia Michigan

Suburban district with 300 students, 16,000 in district
Pre-K–4th. 5 years, 21 years in 14 years as a principal

@jon_wennstrom teacher blog parent blog

PBIS school, 7 Habits of highly effective students, Positive phone calls, student led announcements, PSAs. Class Dojo, 23% ELLs Wall feature.

  • School-wide meetings.
  • PBIS school.
  • Monthly, student of the month meetings.
  • Stephen Covey’s 7 habits
  • 3 to be pledge, respectful, responsible, safe
  • Poster contests for that
  • 90–95% parent attendance rate for kids who are students of the month.
  • Weekly meeting.
  • Sunrise and sunset meetings.
  • Goal: build community
  • Sean Gallard #celebrateMonday meetings
  • Doesn’t a weekly meeting take away a lot of instructional time?
  • Increase time-on-task
  • Support staff who help K students get ready.
  • Videos for students, less than 3 minutes.
  • Perseverance,
  • Stephen Covey’s 7 habits for highly effective kids
  • Art teacher creates a canvas to help students showcase their work.
  • Importance of including parents.
  • Positive phone calls on a daily basis.
  • Class dojo process - classroom wall (like a Facebook wall).
  • Parent program for Love and Logic.
  • Process for parent phone calls.
  • 66 day challenge
  • Youth making a difference

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