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Transformative Principal is 

Oct 21, 2018


Michelle Snyder@mlsnyder92 Vista Visions academy

  • Students have set lab times so they come in for special events.
  • Students in a lab with 5 or six students
  • Whether or not they are required to do the labs is up for debate, but it is good for kids to have the experience.
  • What kinds of students are attracted to your school?
  • Their reasons vary, but they each have a very specific reason for coming.
  • If they hadn’t found us, they would have gone outside the district to a charter school
  • Big picture learning. Upstream collaborative.
  • Learning through interests (LTI) student internship program
  • Teaching skills for seeking out their own internship.
  • Parents often speaking for their kids and how do we help parents.
  • Takes a lot for parents to be able to step back when they
  • How to build for scale for this program.
  • Looking at things from a dollars and cents point of view.
  • We’re not the same system as a regular school, so we need to look at what’s actually happening to see what we need to do to help them.
  • Every Friday afternoon we have collaboration and PD.
  • Individual Student Support Spreadsheet to record notes of students.
  • Touchstone - morning meeting with staff to see how everyone is doing.
  • Always looking at other options for kids.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Ask questions of their staff and listen to their answers.

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