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Apr 22, 2018


Brad Shreffler is the host of Planning Period Podcast, Teacher, and Tech Coach in Orlando, Florida. He is also an author and his web site is here.

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  • Planning period podcast - How do we fix problems?
  • What is the biggest problem facing education today?
  • Truly a challenge to answer, and many different answers.
  • Recognize that it could be better, but still work in what it is.
  • What teachers need in professional development.
  • Modeling.
  • Why is modeling so difficult for leaders of professional development?
  • Leaders haven’t been in the classroom for many years, so they are out of practice.
  • Different skill set to do the same strategies.
  • PD has become a dirty word.
  • The first time you do an innovative model, it will fail miserably.
  • Classroom management vs. engaging learners.
  • I refuse to lecture to my teachers about the importance of not lecturing to kids.
  • Flipped PD model - record what you need to tell them, then meet face-to-face.
  • “This is the next thing and it will be gone.”
  • Inherent resistance to new things.
  • Struggle through the challenge.
  • It didn’t work yet.
  • Crisp meetings
  • Stomach through the fear of failure.
  • Have an administrator who is willing to give the feedback.
  • You have to push for the feedback.
  • I just don’t take myself seriously enough to get offended.
  • How to teach someone to have an overinflated ego.
  • Build them up.
  • Education is fundamentally broken.
  • If people aren’t annoyed by what I’m doing, then I’m probably not doing something worthwhile.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Find the person who wants to change the world and give them the freedom to do it.

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