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Transformative Principal is 

Mar 23, 2023

This week on Transformative Principal, Jethro Jones shares a special episode where he was on a panel to discuss the current teacher shortage and what can be done. This was recorded for the Better Learning Podcast

In this podcast, we discussed the following:
- teachers that are leaving or doing really well.
- How education has been a pink collar job and the impact that has on our day today
- Empowering individuals
- Addressing mentorship
- Policy change vs. leadership decisions
- Public Impact in North Carolina
- Teacher Buy-in
- Teachers want to connect
- Playing with Teaching
- Motivation
- Leadership & culture
- A discussion of money

About the Panel:ists
Michael Horn is the co-founder of the Clayton Christensen Institute and author of Blended and Disrupting Class, and the new book coming out this week called “Choosing College!”, which is the book we are talking about today!

Charles Fournier is a High school English teacher and freelance podcaster at Wyoming Public Radio. Worked as an associate producer on the award-winning podcast HumaNature. Currently working as a sound designer on award-winning podcast, The Modern West, and host The Mountain Time Podcast Hour on WPR. Recently, have been producing the narrative podcast Those Who Can’t Teach

Jethro Jones, 2017 Digital Principal of the Year, is a former principal and founder of the BE Podcast Network. He is also the author of the books How to be a Transformative Principal and SchoolX: How principals can design a transformative school experience for students, teachers, parents – and themselves! Jethro currently consults schools and districts on redesign efforts that don’t seem like another program. Jethro has worked as a principal at all K–12 levels, including a prison school, a district coach, distance learning team lead, and English teacher.

The Better Learning Podcast is hosted by Kevin Stoller, CEO of Kay-Twelve and author of Creating Better Learning Environments. The podcast is also associated with other organizations that are focused on improving education including the Education Leaders’ Organization (ELO) and the Second Class Foundation


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