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Transformative Principal is 

Feb 22, 2015

Jason is an assistant principal at a middle school who taught for 9 years as a science teacher at the high school level. After working with Assistant Superintendent on 1:1 initiative and creating his own classroom, he realized that he was able to see education in a different light, and chose to go into administration.

  • Having a say in what is going on in your classroom can only lead to good things.
  • How he gives teachers autonomy in what they are doing.
  • Helping teaching find a way to try something new without fear of failure.
  • No matter how old you are, there are people older and younger that are smarter than you.
  • It’s not that you don’t like science, it is that the instruction you have had has not reached you.
  • What makes people great is having a knack for giving students a strong voice.
  • Differences between working with high school and middle school students and staff.
  • If you’re trying new things and doing what’s best for students, you’re going to be successful.

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