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Feb 25, 2018


Richard Kincaid Twitter is EcoRise’s Chief Innovation Officer and is the lead designer for project-based learning professional development program, which integrates sustainability & design thinking methodologies into the Buck Institute's PBL framework. Richard has extensive experienced in K-12 public education, as a former CTE director, campus leader, and teacher in Texas. Richard's linked in profile is here: Linkedin

  • is a non-profit that helps schools implement sustainable education.
  • Richard’s educational background.
  • Microgrants directly to students.
  • Elementary literacy coaches, and K-12 curriculum director, and CTE director.
  • Helping teachers not knowing the path to make that happen.
  • Helping students focus on a challenge local to their community.
  • Giving kids tools to focus on making change happen in their area.
  • Project-based training program.
  • PBL programs don’t sound very accessible. We want to be facilitators, but then daily life in the classroom is overpowering, and we can easily give up.
  • 3-day program to design a standards-based project for their classroom.
  • It’s ok to not feel comfortable with this approach.
  • Deeply embedded support model.
  • Make these projects feel real, because they are.
  • Advice for reluctant learners.
  • Maybe a single strong project over the course of a year.
  • How to support teachers who are not naturals at project-based learning.
  • Start with teachers that are eager to have this happen.
  • Teachers aren’t resistant because it isn’t effective, but resistant because they don’t believe it will work.
  • If there is a working model that your campus can see, the resistance will gradually reduce.
  • Some teachers need a model to see that the support is there.
  • Getting everyone in a room and talking about what PBL looks like.
  • Worked in the district 6 months before we even begin the first training.
  • Without that administrator support, any initiative will fail.
  • Classrooms are laboratories.
  • What basis am I using to reevaluate what I’m doing to make my practice better.
  • Teach a protocol of precise feedback for process. Peer review model.
  • Teaching people how to move forward, how to have honest conversations.


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