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Transformative Principal is 

Dec 25, 2016


Dr. Stephen Sroka (Twitter grew up in poverty and is now an educator and keynote speaker. Be sure to check out his great YouTube page.

  • Steve describes his life growing up and the challenges he faced.
  • Overcoming welfare to become a chemist and eventually a teacher.
  • The Gift in a Toxic Society - the perfect gift you can give this year. PDF format.
  • Dear …, I don’t want to die, but if I do, I want you to know that…. Tell that person what they mean to you.
  • It will change the person you love for life.
  • It matters because you put everything you have into it.
  • Write the gift now because you don’t know when you won’t have a chance.
  • The Power of One Speaker
  • That time when Steve died.

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