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Feb 12, 2017

Jessica Lahey (Twitter) is the author of “The Gift of Failure” and writes for The Atlantic and the New York Times, and other publications. Here are a bunch of other great books she recommends.

  • Drug and alcohol rehab teacher.

  • The things that work for well-behaved kids are what is needed for kids that are really struggling.

  • Autonomy and competence

  • Connection is the most important part.

  • Make what we’re teaching relevant to them.

  • The role of touch in the classroom.

  • The Professor in the Cage: Why Men Fight and Why We Like to Watch

  • Student questions that needed to be answered.

  • False sense of investment in sports or activities.

  • Malleable brains allow kids to learn quickly.

  • Standards-based grading

  • Formative until I put it in the gradebook.

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