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The New School Rules with Anthony Kim Transformative Principal 244

Social Media: We talk about failing forward, but we never set up the conditions for failure.

Anthony Kim is the founder and CEO of Education Elements, a consulting company that helps districts meet the needs of their students. He is also the coauthor of “The New School Rules: 6 Vital Practices for Thriving and Responsive Schools“

  • Focusing learning for adults on what your school specifically needs.
  • Where the experiments came from.
  • We talk about failing forward, but we never set up the conditions for failure.
  • From “failing forward” to “safe enough to try”.
  • It’s obvious when you see that things didn’t. Doing things how we have been doing them really facilitates
  • First milestone - classes in school buildings, then factory model.
  • Comparing currency to education.
  • Starting private schools
  • What you know, what you anticipate.
  • If you’re bringing it up
  • Meeting Agenda - Could be chaotic.
  • Jethro’s Blog Post about WeWork’s ]
  • Articulate what game you’re playing rather than arguing over it.
  • People often don’t know how to construct the problem of practice.
  • Brainstorming vs. decision making.
  • People aren’t trained to work in ambiguous environments.
  • leaders live in ambiguity. Teachers live in
  • How to be a transformative principal? Internal monthly experiments in our company, nothing to do with our work, but trying to understand people’s habits. Meditation example. Finding something that will get people to take action.


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