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Feb 19, 2017

Jessica Lahey (Twitter) is the author of “The Gift of Failure” and writes for The Atlantic and the New York Times, and other publications. Here are a bunch of other great books she recommends.

  • Addressing effort

  • Oversimplification of Carol Dweck’s work.

  • Failure isn’t important, but what the person learns is important.

  • Teach kids to be more patient with their own frustration.

  • Make it Stick book

  • Give honest feedback

  • Feedback needs to be relevant

  • Transparency and honesty with kids

  • Goals are important

  • Adapt by Tim Harford

  • How to be a transformative Principal? Show respect for the growth your teachers are trying to make.

Are you feeling like you are always behind at school? Do you feel like you need about 2 more hours each day to accomplish everything? Here’s how I help principals work manageable hours: Create your ideal week, so that you can leave work at work and enjoy your life!

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