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Transformative Principal is 

May 5, 2019


Derek McCoy is a middle school principal in Georgia, and a fellow Digital Principal of the Year. He is also the coauthor of “The Revolution: It’s Time To Empower Change In Our Schools”

  • We still sit in rows, we still deliver everything the same as we always.
  • The time for shifting is over.
  • Shift gives comfort, but we’ve got to make some change for our kids.
  • We’re asking adults to change.
  • 3 R’s is how we conduct business, and it always has been. That’s not going anywhere.
  • We also know better.
  • Shifting from the three R’s
  • Passion - finding something that you’re passionate about. You might have some parents that can’t get into all the fundamental three R’s.
  • When you’re passionate about it, you don’t give up.
  • There is a disconnect with schools and parents now.
  • We know better. We know how the brain works. Learning is more social than it is memorization.
  • Don’t be the teacher you had as a student,
  • It’s about learning new, and trying new for our learners.
  • Change is going to happen, so we can embrace that change for our students.
  • How do we get the whole system to change?
  • The revolution@ries primary responsibility to build a vision!
  • Committing to learner-centered change!
  • Find your pusher who is going to support you through it and ground your thinking.
  • Significant change is relative.
  • Survey and talk to kids?
  • Getting learner input.
  • Control vs. Trust
  • 5 core values: communicators, collaborators, __, have integrity, act with purpose
  • Giving kids opportunity to provide input.
  • Ask the kids, “How do you see this working?“
  • How to be a transformative principal? Get into classrooms. Spend half your day in there talking to kids. Let that be the formative assessment for how you

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