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Mar 13, 2016

A continuation of my discussion with Eric Heiser, Exectuve direction or Sturgis Public Charter school in Mass.

  • Teachers go above and beyond often.
  • Teachers who join us are into teaching students, not content.
  • Students thrive on feedback, and if they feel they are going to get it, they are going to go to teachers for it more often.
  • Teachers mindset has to be, I’m going to do everything I can to help kids be successful.
  • How do you tease out that mindset?
  • If I took over your class, and I had no clue about what you were teaching, what words and phrases would your students have about you? How does the teacher see their role and connection?
  • Tell me something that went really well in the last week and why it went well.
  • Tell me something that didn’t go well and why didn’t it?
  • How did you choose your university? Tell me about your favorite class at university and why they were your favorite?
  • How do you connect outside the classroom and why do you do that?
  • Student discipline is not about the consequence, but it is about the opportunity to build a connection with the student after a situation and help the student see what they could have done.
  • Should be about the student growing, not about consequences.
  • Professional development focused on three areas: 1. Differentiation 2. Habits of mind 3. IB-specific training
  • Helping all faculty integrate Theory of Knowledge questions.
  • Preparing students well for assessments, but helping faculty collaborate daily.
  • Guiding principle is helping each student maximize their potential.
  • Recruited 5 people over the past month and a half who are the best.
  • Build passion and enthusiasm in their class, because it is about student learning.
  • We want every teacher to be at the top of their game every year.
  • If you’re really really careful about who you hire, you can be successful.
  • Tell faculty to recommend those who are great. Only recommend top 15%.
  • We want our kids to experience a star, each and every day.
  • Start with Why Simon Sinek TED Talk
  • Don’t measure student success on a specific score on a specific assessment. It is different for each student.
  • It’s not about a number, it is about them.

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