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Mar 6, 2022

Join the Launch Party!!! Episode 471!

Attachment Trauma Network’s Trauma-Sensitive Schools Conference was this week in Houston.
- I presented with Tessa
- 2 sessions Social Media Exacerbates Trauma and Suicide Prevention
- Dr. Bruce Perry’s Neurosequential model
- The joy of being with people
- If you’re interested in the trauma stuff I offer, go to

Book Launch:
- describe it -
- prizes - giving away books (success mindsets, Impact Players, My book)
- 10 seats in the mastermind to current administrators
- Free book study for everyone.
- A PDF of the book we write
- Goodies for those who preorder

- While in Houston, I visited the Fay School.
- From the web site: Your child and your child’s future represent the most powerful gift for The Fay School and the future of the world. The Fay School leverages a future-focused curriculum integrated into leadership development through emotional intelligence to transform your child’s potential into a powerful toolkit and reliable compass that launches them into middle school and beyond.
- Once you and your child step onto our outdoor-oriented campus, we believe you will experience what separates us from the other independent schools in Houston. Most importantly, you will learn how The Fay School has begun taking steps to intentionally transform the landscape of early childhood and elementary education through innovation. All of what we do and aspire to become places your child first.
- I’ll release episode 473 with Melissa Sherman, the principal there in a couple weeks, on March 20th.
- This month, we are talking about Hiring, and, since Hiring is the most important job you will do, I’d like to read an excerpt from my book about Hiring.

Reports of teacher shortages have been a constant backdrop in the United States for several years now. Transformative principals typically don’t have a problem finding new staff for all the reasons we’ve spoken about in this book. If you have a Vital Vision, communicate effectively, build positive relationships, and support your teachers, you’ll find that there is an endless list of people who want to be part of your school. It’s a natural byproduct of the things we have been talking about. You can have that, too.

Hiring the best people for your school is vital. Todd Whitaker says that hiring may be the most important thing a principal does: “You can get a teacher more on board in 5 minutes in your interview than 5 years in your building.” It behooves us as principals to ask the best questions we can to find out if someone will be a good fit for our school. As Bill Daggett says, “Culture trumps strategy. Every. Single. Time.” When interviewing, you must find the best person you can. It is even acceptable to wait as long as you need to until you find that person. Sometimes, a person serving as a long term sub is better than a poor teacher. If you have ever hired the wrong person for a job, you know that is true. Just preparing to hire teachers is a multi-step process.

Hiring is a year-round job, one that takes on different aspects at different times in the year.

Hiring can be risky. Or rather, I should say, hiring is RISCHI (pronounced risky).

Cultural fit
![[How2be Figure 4.excalidraw]]![[how2be figure 5.excalidraw]]

I like to see this as a three-circle Venn diagram because there is overlap in the areas. We’ll dive into each of these areas shortly. It is also effective to think of this as a never-ending circle! Where you are regularly doing each of these activities.
With teacher shortages that have plagued our industry for years being exacerbated by the pandemic, more than ever we need to take a serious step in hiring people effectively. A recent study by the Learning Policy Institute called “A Coming Crisis in Teaching: Teaching Supply, Demand, and Shortages in the U.S.,” shows that in 2021 the demand for new teachers would be 300,000 and the amount of teachers available would be less than 200,000. That’s a projected shortage of 100,000 teachers! And that was in 2016, before the pandemic was even a thing. In 2021, we’ve had governments requesting retired teachers come back to take the load off of other teachers. Districts are offering signing bonuses and trying to attract teachers. While those may be nice, that’s nothing compared to you implementing what you read in this book! Being a transformative principal is how we solve our teacher shortage. And I’m going to show you how to do recruit and hire amazing teachers.
I’ve worked hard to include actionable advice for you here to make sure you can attract the top talent to your school and that they will want to stay there forever! But remember, they will come for the job but they will stay for the Vital Vision.
Before we go any further, imagine for a moment what hiring process could look like in five years. In five years, you have very low turnover. It happens, but people want to stay at your school because it is such a great place. When there is turnover, and opportunities for new staff to come on board, you first make sure all your current people are in the correct places. Then, you get to take your pick from the people who you already know will be great at your school and invite them to join you. You have the perfect placement for them, and they already have friends at your school so you know they will be a good fit. Just imagine how powerful that would be for everyone. It’s possible, and that’s how transformative principals hire new staff.

  • Why Fay School?

- Well, they attract the kind of people that want to work in that environment.


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