Transformative Principal
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Phil Echols is an Administrator of Professional Learning supporting K-12 needs in the area of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and coaching in Wake County Public Schools in North Carolina.

  • Psychology major and teacher in his home town.

  • Counseling

  • The power of Twitter.

  • People often find a way to monetize things

  • Monetization of the network. You can’t monetize the network - via @adamcurry

* #BMETalk - Black male educators
* Black males are like unicorns in so many spaces.
* Every time I meet someone face to face at a conference I create a twitter list with them on it.
* How do you mentor those unicorns?
* 100+ staff members. 1200 students.
* Why do you stay here?
* You could be in a school where there are more minority students. Why do you stay here?
* Good things come from my DNA.
* Patience and reflection comes from my parents.
* Enter spaces with the mindset of who do I need to be in this space?
* How to decide who you need to be in a meeting.
* The relationships of the people at the table require a different approach.
* Paying attention to what people might need.
* Presume positive intent.
* Relationships are foundational.
* Sometimes I can be too heavy on the relationship and we don’t get everything done that we need to!
* Facilitated leadership equilateral relationships, processes, and tasks.
* Leader member exchange theory - focuses on three components: leader follower, and exchanges between those two.
* Leaders often have in groups and out groups.
* Out groups don’t always get everything they need.
* Help people feel like they are in the “in group!“
* How to be a transformative principal? Be more mindful of your individual interactions with all of your staff members.

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