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In this episode, I am priveleged to interview Doug Hallenbeck. Doug was recently named the Assistant Principal of the year from the Utah Association of Secondary School Principals. Doug has worked under four really great principals and he shares some great insight about how to be an amazing assistant principal.

I wanted to interview Doug because he has a great story. He is a thoughtful, caring, and transformative leader. He has been a guiding force in our district since its inception. We are very fortunate to work with him.

In this first part of the interview, Doug discusses:

  • How he got to where he is.
  • How he manages working under someone who has a different leadership style and may make different decisions than he.
  • The mentors that have helped him become a better leader.
  • Why he turned down a principalship and stayed as an assistant.
  • Advice for new principals from his perspective as an Assistant Principal.

You'll really enjoy this interview with Doug. He is amazing.

Let's make sure to give him a few hundred more followers on Twitter. He is @Hallen100.

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