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Transformative Principal is 

Jan 26, 2014

In this episode, I am priveleged to interview Doug Hallenbeck. Doug was recently named the Assistant Principal of the year from the Utah Association of Secondary School Principals. Doug has worked under four really great principals and he shares some great insight about how to be an amazing assistant principal.


Jan 19, 2014

In this second part of the interview with Jeff Paul, we will learn about:

  • How he handles the stress of being a principal
  • How you can be a transformative principal
  • Why you should follow the people below on Twitter
  • The special thing in his office

Jeff says these are the twitter accounts to follow:

@williamparker, @

Jan 12, 2014

Jethro is joined by Jeff Paul (@okprincipal), principal of Smith Elementary, where he had the unique opportunity to take over for a principal who had been there for the previous 25 years! 

In this part of the two-part interview, Jeff talks about the challenges and positives associated with his unique situation. He also...

Jan 5, 2014

Sandra is a great principal at Sandy Elementary. She has received numerous awards in her 7 years as an administrator:

  • Community Leader of the Year 
  • Rookie of the Year 
  • Distinguished Principal of the Year 
  • CITES Recognition 
  • National Board Certified Teacher

And, she is pretty much always being praised and recognized...