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Transformative Principal is 

Aug 28, 2016

In this episode, I talk about how I ran building inservice.

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Hacking Relevance with Dennis Sheerin

Happy People are More Magnetic with Michael Hyatt


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Aug 22, 2016

Today, I talk again with Jon Laffoon about the big changes you can make in a school and how to make them. 


This was part of the Transformative Leadership Summit, which if you didn't get, it's not too late. Over 40 amazing educational leaders came together to teach you how to be an awesome leader. The Summit is over,...

Aug 14, 2016

Listen as I reflect on the Transformative Leadership Summit, which ends August 15, 2016. This is in my mastermind, which you can contact me about joining. 


It's not too late to catch some awesome videos. You can even get the All Access...

Aug 7, 2016

This episode is the Live Q&A that Daniel and I did for the Transformative Leadership Summit this week. I hope you enjoy it. 

The Transformative Leadership Summit launched last Monday. Please, join me! Click HERE to register for Free Access to over 40 amazing education leaders who are ready to make your school the best...