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Transformative Principal is 

Oct 31, 2020

Amy Valentine, Leader at Future of School has been called a social rabble rouser, a turnaround strategist and a fighter of the status quo in K–12 education. She has served as a teacher, school leader and executive director. 

  • Gives scholarships to students and grants to teachers.
  • National Non-profit to support the...

Oct 27, 2020

JC Pohl is the co-founder and CEO of

  • Resilience is about taking the hits and moving forward.
  • Hear about bad things with kids.
  • Bouncing back.
  • It was really in the hard times in our life that we grew.
  • 5 keys to mental health.
  • Why is it harder for teenagers?
  • This is developmentally appropriate.
  • To them it...

Oct 25, 2020

Mariana Aguilar did some field research to determine what causes students to be engaged in online and hybrid learning environments.

  • How to define student engagement in online and hybrid environments.
  • Hard to define engagement, but we all say we can feel it!
  • You can feel it.
  • Emotionally connected
  • Manifests differently...

Oct 18, 2020

Danielle Nuhfer is a teacher and you can find more information about her at TeachingWell.Life

  • Bringing Awareness to the present moment without judgment.
  • Taking a step back and trying to think about how to proceed.
  • The benefits of mindfulness in self-care and resilient person in our students’ lives.
  • How to be mindful...

Oct 11, 2020

Crystal Xu and Purvi Patel recently wrote a paper on how to Redesign School Level Systems For Equity.

  • How systems work together.
  • Started with redesign systems work.
  • We actually have a lot more autonomy than we think.
  • Expand our self-confidence around the structures we can control.
  • How we define engagement in...