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Transformative Principal is 

Aug 25, 2019

Brad Barber is a former business owner who is now an educator who founded a school called the Tesla Academy. At the Tesla Academy, they coach students rather than teach them.

* Business process outsourcing.
* Went back to school as a teacher.
* Started at a charter school.
* Not the primary person who delivers the...

Aug 18, 2019


Dr. Grayson Maas is the Director of Communications for the Art of Problem Solving, a unique solution to teaching math anytime, anywhere.

  • Motivated students in grades 2–12.
  • We are the place students come to to learn math that they aren’t going to learn in school.
  • Instill motivation in kids to want to do math.
  • By...

Aug 11, 2019

Creating Better Learning Environments with Kevin Stoller Transformative Principal 291

Social Media: Every school has defined their vision, the space should reflect that.

Over the past 10 years, Kevin has visited over 1,000 schools and spoke with educators and students to learn how student outcomes are impacted by the...

Aug 4, 2019

Communicating to Create Happy Families with Jennifer Larson Transformative Principal 290

Social media: If you have a good communication system and everyone is engaged, there’s a positive buzz to the school.

Jennifer Larson is he co-founder and CEO of Hive Digital Minds, which provides parent-school communication...