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Transformative Principal is 

Apr 25, 2021

Culture of Care with Jose Celis Transformative Principal 407

Jose Celis is a principal in Wayne Township in New Jersey. He believes that schools should promote wholeness, equity, and hope. In various administrative capacities, he has devoted his energies to ensuring students, families, and educators develop...

Apr 21, 2021

PrincipalED with Kate Barker and Kourtney Ferrua Transformative Principal 406

That data represents the faces of the kids that we care about. Via @Kate_s_barker and @kourtneyferrua

The book PrincipalED: Navigating the Leadership Learning Curve by Rachael George, Kate Barker, and Kourtney Ferrua helps principals...

Apr 11, 2021


Chloe Sutterfield is a student at Virginia Commonwealth University. Chloe is studying to become a journalist and wants to travel the world. She also really loves making music and playing sports. Her favorite type of music is rock’n’roll and pop. Her favorite sport is skiing. Chloe believes that everyone has...

Dec 15, 2018

Interviews about awesome synergy project: ed Videos

Jul 31, 2016

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Rachel Yanof...