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Transformative Principal is 

Jun 21, 2020

Sarah Levy and Mark Parmet are the co founders Einstein Academy in Colorado.

  • K–5 and building out to 8th grade
  • Four components of the school: for kids, family, community, today and the future.
  • I got sick of hearing people say, “It’s school, kids shouldn’t have fun.”
  • Setting an environment where kids can be...

Jun 14, 2020

Literacy nerds Beth Lawrence and Deena Seifert cofounders of

  • Infercabulary is a web-based k–12 interactive tool for helping kids improve vocabulary and skills.
  • speed up learning by making learning vocabulary like
  • Avidly reading.
  • We tend to make words simpler with oral language than authors when...

Jun 7, 2020

Evidence-informed for Real Learning with Eric Kalenze Transformative Principal 334

Social Media: Evidence-informed means looking at what has worked.

Eric Kalenze is the author of “What The Academy Taught Us: Improving Schools From The Bottom Up In A Top-Down Transformation Era.”

How to teach practitioners to put...