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Transformative Principal is 

Jul 28, 2021

Jeff Carrus is an assistant principal in Katy Texas. 8th year being an assistant principal. Taught in New York for five years and then Surgarland and now in Katy.

  • Young Men’s Group
  • Mainly at-risk students.
  • Meet once a month - shirts and ties.
  • Goal setting & Accountability.
  • The young men needed to be part of...

Jul 25, 2021

Jeanne Collins is the Superintendent Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union.

  • Vermont is very rural.
  • Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative
  • Pivoting quickly in the spring - hindsight wasn’t effective.
  • Spent summer identifying essential components of our curriculum
  • Essential elements remote learning schedule,...

Jul 21, 2021

Lindsay Lyons is an educational justice coach who works with teachers and school leaders to inspire educational innovation for racial and gender justice, design curricula grounded in student voice, and build capacity for shared leadership. Lindsay taught in NYC public schools, holds a PhD in Leadership and Change, and...

Jul 18, 2021

Dr. Gregory Gardner, Jr. began his educational career in 2007 in the Griffin-Spalding County school system at Carver Road Middle School.  He spent seven years there as a Language Arts, Social Studies, and remedial reading teacher.  Over the course of those seven years, he helped to pilot the Positive...

Jul 15, 2021

David Wood is a former consulting actuary to Fortune 100 companies. He built the world’s largest coaching business, becoming #1 on Google for life coaching and coaching thousands of hours in 12 countries around the globe.

As well as helping others, David is no stranger to overcoming challenges himself, having survived...