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Transformative Principal is 

May 30, 2022

Dr. Kyle Palmer is Author of the new book Parentships in a PLC He is an HR Administrator in Kansas City in Central school district. Kyle was on Episode 79 of Transformative Principal.

  • Parents are so important
  • Teachers who are afraid to reach out to
  • If parents truly understood teachers roles.
  • Education triangle -...

May 22, 2022

Melissa Sherman grew up in rural Virginia playing in the woods and streams.

Taught PK–7th grade in public and independent school in VA, AL, TN for 17 years before becoming a principal

Was a title I reaching coach/interventionist for much of this time

Now am a principal of a small independent PK–5th grade School, The...

May 8, 2022

Michelle Goldshlag is the Co-founder and CEO of Cultured Kids (CK), a nonprofit organization that believes a student’s sense of belonging is the primary catalyst for their success.
In her six years at the helm, Cultured Kids has partnered with schools and community organizations in Northern VA and the Metro Boston...

May 1, 2022

I have several friends who are looking for new positions right now, and there is a lot that goes into making a decision like this.

I’m dedicating this episode to my friends who are looking for something, so imagine that we are in a coffee shop and I’m having this conversation with you. If you do want to have...