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Transformative Principal is 

Feb 24, 2019

Greg Goins is a former superintendent, principal, teacher and coach who is now the host of the Reimagine Schools Podcast

In our Simulcast we talk about the K12 Magnet. Here is the 1 Pager and here is the infographic and here is the video.

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  • Reimagine Schools
  • Twitter...

Feb 17, 2019


Jeremy Williams is the principal of Manor Hall International School in United Arab Emirates

  • 600 students from 46 countries
  • Bitcoin and blockchain
  • Bitcoin made it speculation.
  • At its core, it is a ledger. A record of transactions and accounts.
  • Eliminate Higher ed from being the sole guarantor...

Feb 10, 2019


Claude Charron is a Teacher in Miami Florida and director of STEM program in Gulliver Florida.

  • Empowering students to make change
  • Sports has it right in being able to expose kids at a young age to become an athlete.
  • Things that will not work.
  • Keeping kids safe doesn’t inspire.
  • Kids have to...

Feb 3, 2019


Jennifer Hogan is an assistant principal in Hoover, Alabama. Her web site is The Compelled Educator

  • Rising Tide Radio Focused on women in ed leadership.
  • Guide on the side for PD with her teachers
  • School goals take the learning outside the classroom walls.
  • First session wasn’t about the technology, but about...