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Jul 3, 2022

Social media: The Be Podcast Network: Shows that help you be the change you want to see!

Summer of Super Cool Surprises!

I’m so excited to be talking to you again today. So far, this summer has been full of surprises, but I have something else for you today! I’m super excited to announce the Be Podcast Network. I’m expanding what I offer here at Transformative Principal to include more podcasts for more educators.

You can learn more and sign up when it officially launches at Launch day is August 1st. I’ve still got a lot to do to make this launch happen. We’re starting with 7 great shows that you are going to love. Today, I’ll talk about a just a few of them.

First of all, because this podcast is so successful, over a million downloads, longest running podcast for school leaders out there, many people are reaching out to me to interview them, and I just can’t possibly put them all on this show. They wouldn’t be released for years!

Also, I really love podcasting. It’s so much fun, and I love that I get to talk to all kinds of amazing people out there.

I’ll tell you about the shows on the network in a minute, but I’m putting together an editorial board for the network.

Here’s what I’m looking for (2 of the following):

  1. People who LOVE podcasts. Are you waiting in anticipation for your favorite show? Then this is you! Do you have too many podcasts that you could never actually listen to, like me? Then this is you.
  2. People who want education to be much better and want to change the status quo. We’re going to share stories about these changes on all the shows, so we want people who will want to listen to them.
  3. A list of great guests. Who should we be talking to for each of these shows?

And these shows are not just the status quo.

It’s called the Be Podcast Network for two reasons. Number 1, we want our listeners to be the change they want to see in Education. We know that educators have great power, but often feel hamstrung by district, state, school, and national policies. The reality is that we can do so much even within those confines.

When times are tough, it’s helpful to have voices you trust talking through the challenges.

I’ve been through a lot of tough times. And one thing that has always helped me is listening to inspiring podcasts. It’s powerful.

The second meaning of the name BE Podcast Network is Beyond Education. While our main focus is still going to be educators, we are also going to include things are adjacent to education. We also want to think of impacting more than just the schools where we work and can be the change. We want to go beyond that.

This network is going to be the best network for education-related podcasts out there.

We are going to have the best content, the best hosts, and the best listeners. I’m so excited for this great opportunity. And I’m excited for you to be part of it too.

I keep saying “we” because I’m partnering with Ross Romano of September Strategy to make this happen. Ross has been a huge supporter of Transformative Principal for years. He’s connected me with many great guests, helped me find awesome people to connect with, and even introduced me to the book publisher that finally published my first book. Ross is amazing, and he will be a great partner in this work. If you don’t know him, you certainly should. Reach out to him on Twitter if you aren’t already following him.

Before I get to a highlight of the shows, I want to reiterate my call for members of our editorial board. We want to hear from you about what people want to hear about on these shows. So, if you meet two of the following criteria, please reach out:

  1. People who LOVE podcasts.
  2. People who want education to be much better and want to change the status quo.
  3. A list of great guests.

So, let’s get into our shows.

Of course, this show, Transformative Principal, will be part of the network. My other podcast, Cybertraps, will also be part of the network.

The Cybertraps podcast is a collaboration with Fred Lane, who literally wrote the book Cybertraps for Educators, now in its 3rd edition. That book is all about the use and misuse of technology. Through that, we founded the Center for Cyberethics, which is dedicated to promoting the application of ethics in technology-related areas. In fact, Fred is going to Ghana to do more of this work as a Fulbright Specialist in September.

I’m going to start a couple new shows that I have already done some interviews for:

The Authority Podcast: One of the most common pitches I get on this podcast is for authors, but they don’t always fit with what I’m trying to do here, so this will be a great place to expose educators to great books. In my mastermind, we intentionally don’t read any education books together. We read books from outside education. It is my hope to help you have a great list of books to read every week because great educators are readers!

Resilient Schools Podcast: This is a podcast focused specifically on evolving beyond Trauma-informed practices to becoming a resilient school. Resilient schools are led by resilient principals who support resilient teachers who teach resilient students. It’s a cycle, and everyone needs support there.

My Bonus Money: A show about passive income for educators. I believe that educators sometimes make bad decisions because they are stuck in their jobs. One of the biggest challenges is that teachers lose so much financially when they move districts even if they could make so much more in other ways. So, teachers get stuck places. Financial independence is actually possible, and there are so many ways to do it. I’m going to talk about all of them, and interview people who are doing it. Not only that, I’m going to share my story of how I make passive income through my activities. I think I might be most excited about this one!

The Teacher’s Lounge: This will be a fun weekly live podcast focused on current issues in education, and hosted by all the hosts on the network. Starting with me and Ross, and including other hosts who will be joining the network.

Speaking of other hosts, we have a few in the works, and I’ll announce those in the future. Let me just say now, we’ve got some great shows that will be joining us. Look forward to this show next month to hear more about it.

Finally, let me share with you again the link for the podcast network. Go here and enter your email to get notified when the network launches. When it launches, we’ll have all the shows with ways for you to subscribe to just the shows you want. so go to and sign up. I’m excited to have you join us on this really exciting journey.


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