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Transformative Principal is 

Mar 9, 2014



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In this second part interview, Sharyle and I discuss the following:


  • Community helping out those who need it.
  • What the best parts are of having a new intern every year.
  • She answers the question of how to be a transformative principal. Look at the big picture.
  • She answers the question of what is in her office that inspires her. Then we talk about all the great ways she has involved her community in her travels, and how she gets them to see the big picture of helping others.
  • Because she is so involved in her community, she knows what skills and
  • Partnership with Apa Sherpa Foundation and Healthy Draper. Article about Apa Sherpa’s retirement
  • Going to Peru and involving the whole school.
  • Going to Africa and involving the community and school.
  • How she convinces parents and her community to get on board with her ideas.
  • How she connected Meet the Masters art program with music and dance.