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Transformative Principal is 

Dec 22, 2019

Rachel Brown is a Curriculum, Instruction, & Professional Growth Strategist for Douglas County School District.

  • Power in the missed opportunities
  • You have the power of leading culture in your building.
  • Even the opportunity of saying hello to a kid is really powerful.
  • Each teacher had to own making a positive interaction with each child.
  • When things were going unsaid, they festered
  • Confronting with Kindness
  • the things you don’t say could have a big impact on the climate and culture.
  • Emotional intelligence - Elena Aguilar work on the art of coaching teams.
  • Have to get rid of your ego, go in in a way that you open yourself up like a book.
  • Buy the Communication Cards
  • We didn’t do our best work.
  • Kids couldn’t tell who was the principal
  • New principal was very communicative and it changed the culture.
  • How to be a transformative principal? This is a rough time for some kids and you can take the time to be an impactful person and not miss the opportunity to make a little adjustment to make your school feel like the safest home for those kids.

Turmoil with change in leadership because of lack of communication and emotional intelligence.
* Talking with team about how to make things better.
* People coming to say

  • Lost sight of standards - using the standards as our base.
  • student centered coaching - to try to come