Transformative Principal
Discover the secrets of school leadership in this weekly interview podcast with top leaders in education.

Keara Mascareñaz Managing Partner, Organizational Design at Education Elements. She helps schools and districts focuses build and scale a culture of innovation through leadership development, team habits, and human-centered organizational design.

  • Learning, meeting, projects
  • How do you create the environment of psychological safety?
  • the team that is more effective would be making less mistakes.
  • more comfort to talk about mistakes
  • Amy Edmondson TED talk
  • I didn’t say “I don’t know what I’m doing!“
  • It can feel high stakes, even though it is not.
  • Two types of leaders: one best ideas should strive - leaders are smarter and make fewer mistakes.
  • Interrogating archetypes.
  • Two books: Multipliers with Liz Wiseman As soon as a speaker starts speaking, everyone stops talking.
  • Here’s my interview with Liz Wiseman.
  • Talking about Failure is crucial for Growth
  • Noticing it is the first step to change.
  • It’s hard to make big shifts.
  • What foundation have I laid and signal have I given to my team about this?
  • “I’ve had good ideas before that haven’t worked out!”
  • So much deference made to people in power and authority.
  • Habit of talking about mistakes.
  • The more people in power can model talking about mistakes the more you can model and give more power to your people.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Next time you’re in front of your staff think about 1. Learning challenge, vulnerability, asking for advice.