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Transformative Principal is 

Apr 30, 2017

Tom Braddock is the principal of Evergreen Elementary in Woodbury, New Jersey.

  • Planning to go into politics, changed to education
  • Alternative Routes to Education licensure.
  • Alternatives to Violence
  • School Without Walls
  • World peace starts with me
  • Me -> Community -> Country -> World
  • What can I do on a daily basis to be more positive productive and peaceful?
  • Nonviolent protests
  • Practicality of the class
  • World hunger simulation
  • The Wave - Book about “the classroom experiment that went too far.“
  • Ed Leadership Sims
  • How to deal with negative aspects - build the support structure long beforehand.
  • 4 simple classroom rules: 1. Keep it Disney 2. Be prepared 3. Be active 4. Be here
  • You can’t teach them until you reach them.

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