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Transformative Principal is 

Mar 2, 2014

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Sharyle Karren has been a principal for the last 22 years! She has a lot of experience and this interview is a really great opportunity to learn from a great principal about how much she has helped students over the years.

In this interview, we talk about the following:

  • Her history as a principal and some of the trials she went through.
  • The common theme through her experiences is that she had a positive attitude and knew that the people she worked with were amazing individuals.
  • How she opened a new school, her current school.
  • Establishing positive community relationships.
  • How she went to each local organization and “dug her roots into the community”.
  • How she established walking field trips to further establish a positive community relationship.
  • How she manages intern principals. She has a great balance of allowing interns to make decisions, but making sure that they know that they need to talk to her. She gives them an opportunity to learn, but allows them the authority to make decisions
  • What things she keeps for herself and refuses to delegate to her AP or interns.
  • Challenges associated with training interns and Assistants.
  • How she establishes relationships with schools that are close by.