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Transformative Principal is 

Sep 18, 2022

Dr. Marcus Belin serves as the Principal of Huntley High School and President of the Illinois Principals Association. Dr. Belin, native of Chicago, Illinois. attended Bradley University, where he received his bachelor’s in elementary education (‘10) followed by a master’s in education administration (‘14). He completed his doctorate at National Louis University in July 2020.

  • Why it’s important for kids to feel like they belong.
  • Everyone who intercepts can pour into them
  • If you signed up to work in a school and you think your title matters, you’re in the wrong place.
  • How do you make the interactions worthwhile?
  • It’s like watering plants.
  • A teacher that has literally saved kids lives
  • Classroom is a netflix genre.
  • What a relationship can be, if trust is the foundation.
  • They’ll tell you those things that you want to hear, but also those things you don’t want to hear.
  • A pound of flesh in discipline
  • restorative practices - it’s not being soft.
  • It was about punishment, then it was about discipline, now it is about learning.
  • Remember what you told me.
  • Restorative is not just about
  • Classroom as a netflix genre.
  • 720 episodes in a high school career.
  • Kids come together for a time, help it be meaningful.
  • How to be a transformative principal? to actively listen and hear the stories and voices that exist within your building.


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