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Dec 6, 2015

Brian Costello is in his 7th year of teaching in Southern New Jersey.  Brian started his career as an instructional aide before going on to teach Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grades.  He is an avid writer, blogger, and Twitter user that has published his first children’s novel: Will McGill and the Magic Hat.  Brian speaks at Educational conferences on topics including educational technology, leadership, communication, and professional development.  See Brian’s previous posts for CUE.  

Here is what we talked about today:

  • Working with the youngest kids provides you with some things that start to disappear as they get older. The light bulbs go off way more than when they are older.
  • Rotating through content areas 1–4th grades.
  • Give teachers a chance to focus more on a content area.
  • Can be more difficult to build relationships with students.
  • Works together with other teachers more on because of their transitions.
  • How to deal with mean teachers.
  • Confront them directly. State the appropriate professional response.
  • How you treat people says a lot about you and how you feel.
  • Projection
  • How do I interact with this person after a confrontation?
  • Continue to be professional towards that person.
  • Need to model functional relationships for students - appropriate, nonviolent, non-angry problem solving solutions.

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