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Transformative Principal is 

Jan 29, 2017


Don Wettrick is a teacher in Noblesville, Indiana and founder of StartEdUp Innovation. He can be found on Twitter at @donwettrick, and his podcast on iTunes He is the author of “Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation and Taking 20% Time to the Next Level”

  • How to make standards real.
  • Begin in Elementary school
  • 2 negatives to this
    1. Grades go down in other classes!
    1. Kids can get full of themselves.
  • Pockets of teachers vs. teachers being innovative vs. principals being innovative.
  • How to get leaders to buy in.
  • We need to push out the awesome things that we are doing in our schools.
  • Is 20% time enough time?
  • Imagination, Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Go to people and say do something amazing.
  • It gets worse before it gets better!

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