Transformative Principal
Discover the secrets of school leadership in this weekly interview podcast with top leaders in education.

Katie Novak, Ed.D. is an internationally renowned education consultant as well as a practicing leader in education as an Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Massachusetts. With 15 years of experience in teaching and administration, an earned doctorate in curriculum and teaching, and 3 books published by CAST Professional Publications, Katie designs and presents workshops both nationally and internationally focusing on implementation of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and universally designed leadership.

Today we talk about her book with George Couros, Innovate Inside the Box.

  • UDL what is it?
  • Multiple means of engagement
  • multiple means of representation
  • multiple means of action and expression
  • Universal design stolen from architecture.
  • The traditional model of education is there is “one way to do it.”
  • We’re making content accessible as retrofits for really inaccessible lessons.
  • Dinner party.
  • Engagement is equal parts commitment and attention.
  • Enrollment vs. engagement.
  • When things get touch, I know how to manage it.
  • Macro success looks like little bits of attention.
  • Application for students with disabilities.
  • If we want kids to be learners, we are much better slated to help kids create their own journeys to get there.
  • How do we scaffold up to make it accessible and engaging.
  • In my loyalty to that ____, I am excluding students.
  • How do we teach empathy through these multiple means lenses?
  • What do I have to do so every single student can do that?
  • General ed teachers started referring to kids with special needs as their kids.
  • When we see growth, it’s because of the teachers.
  • How to be a transformative principal? In a classroom I believe in cocreation. Work with teachers to co-create professional learning and school improvement plans.