Transformative Principal
Discover the secrets of school leadership in this weekly interview podcast with top leaders in education.

Katie Martin is middle school English teacher at heart and currently works at altschool and the Head of Partnerships. 

  • Where to start as a person.
  • Modeling my own learning journey.
  • You can’t control others. You can create the conditions where people can learn new things.
  • We have to look at the bigger picture. Are we educating for life, or are we educating for school?
  • We need to have conversation about what we want learners to have for the future.
  • What do we actually value?
  • Social Ledia
  • What’s possible with technology
  • Less about what your learning, but rather how you’re using the tools.
  • Technology should be there to super power the connections between the people.
  • Teachers plan engaging experiences.
  • Technology can document and manage that so much more effectively than teachers have been able to alone.
  • Learner Centered Innovation Book - reframing the idea of smart.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Talk to students, teachers and parents, and ask what you can do better.

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