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Transformative Principal is 

Dec 16, 2018


  • Change school became a powerful space for people to have powerful conversations about school.
  • Change school brings a level of transparency and honesty that is really powerful.
  • Have an ongoing conversation with people who have similar ideas and understandings and have had experiences to make it possible.
  • People feel trusted inside this community.
  • It can be a difficult conversation about what modern learning should look like.
  • Constant learning is fascinating.
  • Tried to create some space for people to connect who don’t have room for that in their physical spaces.
  • It is very dependent on whether people are school leaders or something else.
  • The dark ages of change - leadership from the middle.
  • People who can be influencers - parents, students,
  • suddenly it’s not just about one teacher or one principal.
  • How to get parent and student feedback.
  • You often see yourself very isolated in a school.
  • People are looking for direct prompts and cues
  • So much of the educational conversation is led by journalists and politicians. We have to stop that.
  • People respond with a blank look to a blank slate because they don’t have the practice at it.
  • Modern Learners Lens
  • Existing schools - best vehicle for communication is your students.
  • We’ve conditioned kids to do what we say.
  • The notion of setting expectations.
  • If we’re going to shift the goalpost, we need to spend a lot of time talking to parents about the what and the why.
  • TED Podcast
  • Do we trust kids?
  • Four areas that we have to think hard about - Modern Learners Lens
  • Schools don’t know what they believe, they don’t articulate what they believe
  • Understand how literacy is changing.
  • Understand what is actually possible in schools now.
  • Peter Senge
  • Most change efforts are not grounded in those conversations.
  • Modern Learner Community
  • for more information
  • How to be a transformative principal?
  • Bruce: Engage more deeply in the spaces we already referred to.
  • Will: Have a willingness to see if you are actually doing what you believe in your classrooms!

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