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RTI process for Lyn Marsilio's elementary school.

  • Set a couple goals: know their letters, ICU.
  • 4 rotations, 6 minute rotations
  • Letter writing, letter sorts, tracing, sound sorts.
  • After the first 20 days, graduated kids went back into the classroom.
  • Did a round 2 to add rhyming and took out tactile piece.
  • Taking attendance for kids to see how many times they went to this intervention.
  • Out of the 20 days, some kids only made 14, and so called him to make sure kids
  • Our third round, the teachers are finally seeing why we take data.
  • Kids making the goals early are taking off in other areas because they had those foundational skills.
  • 80% on grade level vs. 40% that were on grade level last year.
  • Narrows down who needs special skills.
  • In the past, title I data has felt like a collection with no meaning. Up until this year, that has been data that we collect, not that we use.
  • Teachers plan it, teacher assistants implement it.
  • 1st grade - 46 kids, three title I teachers are working with these kids. We have seen 84% of the kids in 1st grade making progress.
  • Co planning with the reading teachers.
  • In second grade, about 50% of kids have rotated out because of progress.
  • There is a great benefit in being targeted.
  • 3rd graders, all but 2 of the 25 kids needing intervention are making great progress.
  • Lots of young staff, and they are still doing well.
  • Teachers are seeing why the planning is affecting instruction and what that impact is.
  • foundational skills in 2nd and 3rd grade: decoding, then once they hit grade level, push comprehension.
  • Holding on to them a little longer.
  • Got push back in the beginning because we are doing something different.
  • Now that they are seeing why we structured that the way did, there is more excitement.
  • 2nd and 3rd grade, asked teachers for input to make sure they felt supported.
  • Success is contagious.
  • What haven't we figured out: 4th and 5th grade.
  • Looking at budget as people and not programs.
  • We are getting kids to be readers.


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