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Transformative Principal is 

Apr 7, 2019


Byron Darnall is the principal of Potter Gray Elementary School in Bowling Green Kentucky

  • Long term sustainable change is slow.
  • How do you improve something that is already successful?
  • Examine the student experience.
  • Who’s school is it?
  • As educators we tend to operate from the center.
  • Busyness is the disease of our time.
  • How are you? Busy! <-bothersome
  • “I would love to, but I’m too busy.“
  • Am I too busy to get better?
  • How to be less busy?
  • Every day shouldn’t lead to absolute exhaustion.
  • There is nothing easy about it, but we have to be open to finding someone we trust to give us good feedback about our time management
  • Systems thinking - not exposed to it as a teacher or
  • Centralize school-wide communication through a blog. If it matters, it is on the blog.
  • If it can’t be said in 1-2 sentences, it’s a conversation.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Talk to your students and ask them questions.

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