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Dec 24, 2017


Mary Wegner is the Superintendent of Sitka Schools 1250 students.

  • City school district
  • Small community that knows excellence.
  • Wonderful community partners.
  • Great partnerships with local groups.
  • Under 1/3 of staff are our graduates.
  • 65% of elected officials are our graduates.
  • Paris of the Pacific.
  • They take a little bit of Sitka with them.
  • Superintendent visits every single classroom.
  • During the year, pick different areas of focus and visit those classrooms.
  • Understand the K-12 curriculum in all areas.
  • Superintendent’s Spotlight newsletter.
  • There is great power in small school systems of being able to get close the work.
  • 1:1 for each student is growing because the superintendent is in the schools
  • How the work changes when you are focused on the classroom.
  • Angst during budget time has decreased with more focus being put on the classrooms.
  • Budget process which gives more transparency. See current budget

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