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Transformative Principal is 

Jan 12, 2020

This is an amazing story of how Kimberly's district set them up for success so they could find time for the important things in life. What a cool and unique approach. 

Kimberly Dixon is principal in Toronto

  • Took a year off to take some coursework.
  • Mother had supported her at the beginning of her career.
  • Lacking balance.
  • Four over 5. Paid 80% over four years then paid 80% for fifth year.
  • Typically accept about a dozen people for that in our district.
  • Became principal and started coursework to become a superintendent at the same time.
  • I realized I had been working really hard so travel was definitely a goal.
  • I had to operate within the parameters of
  • Principal of a summer school program in South Korea, kids met in South Korea and then went to the Philippines.
  • Be present as a mother and take care of myself.
  • The year was very unplanned.
  • School seems very Eurocentric, but our schools are so diverse.
  • Families are always excited
  • The balance needed in life to be your best.
  • Without balance, we run into issues of burnout
  • It’s about putting myself well into the time I have.
  • Not having that rushed approach. Respecting my time when I’m not in school and not “on.”
  • Giving a lot of yourself to other people’s children.
  • Having a purpose for my days.
  • Be in each classroom before every major break in the day.
  • None of my goals could happen unless I built the relationships.
  • No more than one evening event each week.
  • More balanced for my own kids and the kids at school.
  • How to be a transformative principal? I’ve discovered who being me is! Try to center yourself in some way to figure out what makes you peaceful.

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