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Apr 29, 2018


Tom Hoerr retired after leading the New City School in St. Louis, Missouri, for 34 years and is now the emeritus head of school. He teaches at the University of Missouri St. Louis and holds a PhD from Washington University in St. Louis he has written four books more than 100 articles including the “Principal Connection” column in ASCD’s Educational Leadership.

  • 14 years principal connection column in Educational Leadership.
  • The principal job is so hard.
  • There’s always more to be done, no matter how good we do it.
  • Who you are is more important than what you know.
  • Prepare kids for success in life, not just success in school.
  • Been a principal long enough to see who kids became as adults
  • There are five qualities we need to develop in students: Empathy, Self-control, integrity, embracing diversity, and grit.
  • But how am I going to get my students’ kids to embrace this?
  • At back to school nights and parent meetings throughout the year.
  • 8:20: Write down the initials of people you know who you consider to be successful.
  • Turn to your neighbors in groups of three or four.
  • Remind parents of what is truly a success.
  • Strategy for focusing teachers on what we want them to pursue.
  • 3x5 card, write down the initials of 2 or 3 teachers you’ve had that are most important in your life. What did they do to make you love them?
  • What can you do with your class that will encourage your kids to put your name down in 30 or 40 years?


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